Company Profile

Edema Shipping Agency., was founded by KOLA SIJUADE. The company has its roots, though dedication in a successful business, founded less than 5 years ago, from humble beginnings, established one of the first and later most successful shipping, logistics and travel agencies in the Nigeria. Today, through a continuing program of strategic development the company offers a range of exceptional shipping and logistics services to a portfolio of prestigious customers including a number of the world's leading navies.

Edema Shipping Agency., gives top quality personal service and tailor-made solutions to its principals through a motivated team and a deep maritime culture. We are proud to offer you the very best and most dedicated service for all the needs of a ship's call, both for port and shore handling operations with maximum efficiency.

Edema Shipping Agency., with a solid background of service to the shipping, commerce and industry communities, has extensive experience in all aspects of Shipping Agency and Logistics. We attend to all types of ships in all Nigeria Ports and Oil Terminals, providing first class service to vessels consigned to our care. Our team always strives to provide the best logistics services in the beset manner and up to the client's full satisfaction.

"Nigeria Shippers Council"
Edema Shipping Agency., managing director Mr. KOLA SIJUADE has diverse shipping experience and currently oversees Edema Shipping Agency., from a strategic level. Mr. KOLA SIJUADE holds a Bachelor's degree . He is also a Fellow of the Nigeria Shippers' Council(NSC) and a Member of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (MCIArb). Mr KOLA SIJUADE has received letters of commendation and certificates of appreciation by the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. Mr KOLA SIJUADE is also a recipient of the highly coveted Admiral Stanley R. Arthur Award for Logistics Excellence. This is the first time that the highly coveted award, which constitutes the highest U.S. Military award in Logistics, is given to a non-American citizen and the first who is not a member of the U.S. Military or employee of the U.S. government. In managing the day to day operations Mr. KOLA SIJUADE is supported by a dedicated team of experienced, qualified shipping professionals that form an integral part of the company and who are focused on providing the very best of service.

Edema Shipping Agency., has one clear aim - to deliver impeccable service through strict adherence to the highest standards.

Edema Shipping Agency., is a member of:

  • The Nigeria Shippers' Council, the official body representing the profession of the Shipping Agent in Nigeria is highly influential in local maritime affairs.
  • Fonasba, is the voice of the international ship agent and broker.
  • The Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is the union of Nigerian businessmen, the interests of whom it promotes by submitting to the government and the Parliament the members' positions on matters in which they are involved, while, through its participation in tripartite bodies and committees, it conveys and promotes the views of the business community.
  • The Nigeria-American Business Association, which aims to facilitate, co-ordinate and improve trade and economic relations between the two countries.
  • The Nigeria-UK Business Association, which aims to promote, expand and encourage economic and trade relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.